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    House of Sweden

Washington D.C, USA, House of Sweden

House of Sweden accommodates the Swedish Embassy in Washington DC, two floors with exclusive office suites – one of whose offices is occupied by the Embassy of Iceland – and an approximately 700 sq m Event Center run by the National Property Board Sweden.

Unique Swedish building for conferences

In 2006, the first House of Sweden was built abroad, with the Swedish Embassy and Swedish trade and industry under one roof. The official inauguration took place on October 23, 2006 in the presence of the King and Queen of Sweden. The building has become a flagship Swedish presence in the USA. In addition to the Swedish Embassy, the building houses the Embassy of Iceland (since October 2009) and an exciting Event Center with conference facilities and exhibition halls. House of Sweden also has office suites for rent .


House of Sweden is the result of an architectural competition announced by the National Property Board of Sweden in June 2002. At that time,the Swedish government had signed an agreement with an American property developer to rent part of a proposed building on a plot of land in Georgetown by Washington Harbour, while also designing the building as an example of Swedish architecture – an entirely new type of embassy was to be built.

The rather complex competition assignment included creating an atmosphere of openness and transparency – unusual characteristics in an embassy building. The building was also to accommodate public floorspace for exhibitions and conferences, as well as two floors housing office suites for rent.

The winning entry, selected by a panel of competition judges in January 2003, was submitted by Swedish architects Tomas Hansen and Gert Wingårdh. Construction work was begun in August, 2004.

Best location in Washington DC

House of Sweden occupies a piece of land considered to be one of Washington's absolute best locations. It borders both parkland and a riverside promenade along the Potomac River at Washington Harbour.

A symbol of Sweden

The building is light and airy, with large glass panels. Lighting forms an important aspect of the building, both inside and out. After nightfall, a band of light from backlit wood surrounds the entire building, which seems to float above the ground. House of Sweden is supported on white columns and bathed in Nordic light. The materials are pale wood, glass and stone. The architecture enjoys a refined simplicity that is at once self-explanatory yet surprising. A lively, elegant piece of architecture well-suited to its location and one that does justice to the magnificent view.

Office Suites and Event Center

In addition to the Swedish Embassy, House of Sweden also includes two floors with exclusive office suites and an Event Center covering around 700 sq m. Companies with links to Sweden are able to rent one of the 19 high-class office suites – a unique opportunity that provides access to a Swedish network in one of the world's largest markets.

The Event Center is run by the National Property Board Sweden and the Swedish Embassy often hosts events and exhibitions there. The spaces are often rented out to companies for conferences, exhibitions and other special events.

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